Mood Ring Colors

Mood ring colors can be confusing without a good guide.  Below is an illustrated mood ring color chart that will serve as a good starting point for your own interpretation of the colors of your mood ring.

Mood Ring Colors - BlueOf all the mood ring colors, blue is the most common among generally positive people. If your mood ring color is blue, you are in a very peaceful and relaxed state of mind. The word "Happy" might be a better description. Your demeanor is approachable and you are optimistic in spirit. You are comfortable with yourself and world and currently have a very healing energy that can be put to positive use.
Mood Ring Colors - IndigoIndigo is one of the most "spiritual" of all the mood ring colors. It is often the mood ring color of those close to God. Indigo is commonly associated with intuitives, psychics and clairvoyants. However, deeply loving people or people "in love" can have indigo mood ring stones, as well.
Mood Ring Colors - PurpleIf your mood ring is purple, you may have trouble with controlling your emotions. You tend to be overwhelmed with loving feelings... almost to a breaking point. You have a tendency to "bubble over" with feelings, as you cannot contain them. If your mood ring color is purple, be careful with who you are around, as you may just drive them crazy and inadvertently push them away.
Mood Ring Colors - GreenIf your mood ring color is green, it means that you are well-grounded, at peace with those around you and the world in general. Although green is not considered a happy or blissful color, you are certainly comfortable and have little (or nothing) to complain about.
Mood Ring Colors - OrangeOf all the mood stone colors, orange is one that either be interpreted as good and bad at the same time. An orange mood ring color is typically used to represent worry, guilt, or being "busy". While these feelings aren't so great if you feel that way all the time (or even a majority of the time), it's these feelings that make us the most human.
Mood Ring Colors - YellowYellow is one of my favorite ring colors. If your mood stone is yellow, it usually means that your brain is very active and you are in a highly creative frame of mind. Mental productivity is typically accelerated during these times, and is often considered "The Zone" for intellectuals or creative people.
Mood Ring Colors - BrownIf your mood ring stone color is brown, you know no fear. You are either going head-to-head with your demons (even though you know how very deadly they are), or are dying to "buck" the system. Mood rings typically don't stay brown for long, so use this opportunity to face your fears.
Mood Ring Colors - PinkPink is a beautiful color, and can be symbolic of beautiful emotions as well. If your mood ring color is pink, it means that you are feeling love for someone, or some special object or place. However, do not mistake this love for a romantic or passionate love. It's more similar to a love of a friend, or a book, or a special memory.
Mood Ring Colors - BlackOf all the mood ring colors in the chart, black is considered the most negative. There is no two ways to spin it. A black mood ring stone means that you are very stressed, in a state of panic, or deeply depressed. It is one of the only mood ring colors that I advise trying to actively change (and quick). Black can also represent poor health and disease, especially of the circulatory system.
Mood Ring Color - TealTeal is a rare color, both on a mood ring and in the emotions the color represents. Teal is a color that combines the "connectedness" and grounded nature of green with the bliss of blue. If your mood ring color is teal, you are both wise and happy. You are one lucky soul. Enjoy.
Mood Ring Colors - GreyI wouldn't say that gray is as bad as black, but it's still not quite ideal. If your mood ring color is gray it means that you are sullen, quiet, and possible a little depressed or just "down" about something. Perhaps you are in a pessimistic mood, and you just can't seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It's not a deep depression, but a gray mood ring color could easily spiral into a darker shade. Be careful.

This site is new, so it is not a complete list.  More colors (and shades) will be added soon.

But, the above list should get you started.  Not only does each linked page discuss the most common colors of your mood ring, but it also discusses how those individual colors align with other color references such as the chakras, auras and even some Wicca and Biblical color references.

Just Like Emotions, Mood Ring Colors Can Be Complicated

Keep in mind, however, that mood ring colors aren’t always so exact.  Colors can have many shades, and in the world of color interpretation, different shades have different meanings.  Mood ring colors are similar in that different colors can represent different moods.

For example, if you mood ring color is bright red, it may indicate passion, excitement, sexuality, or some other positive high-energy mood or emotion.  Dark red , on the other hand, may indicate tension, stress, or relationship problems.

Since there are hundreds (if not thousands) of shades of colors a mood ring can reflect, the number of emotions it can represent are infinite.  Everything from black, red, yellow and so on… all the way to dark blue and indigo.

As telling as the mood ring colors are, the color can only be a guide – a starting point for further inner exploration.  With all of the possible shades and tones, and even various color combination (a mood ring’s “stone” can be multiple colors at once), the emotions associated with with your mood ring are also subject to your own interpretation.

Mood Ring Colors as Therapy

When your mood ring is a certain color or colors, do not jump to any conclusions.  Do not let the color set your mood.  Do not be controlled or misdirected by a ring.  That is one the worst ways to utilize a mood ring.

Use your mood ring as a starting point for self discovery.

When looking up mood ring colors on the list, first look within yourself and ask, “Is this a true representation of how I am feeling?  How do I really feel?  Am I feeling a mixture of moods and emotions, or is there one prevalent emotion that outweighs the rest?”

If you begin your search from the inside, using the mood ring colors only as a guide, you will find that your knowledge of self will grow by leaps and bounds.  Soon you will learn discover what makes you angry, and what makes you sad… what stresses you out and what helps you to feel loved and accepted.

You will learn to either accept these moods and emotions for what they are, or learn to control them.  Some people may feel that this makes them a robot.  To the contrary, this allows you to enjoy the moments of your life to the fullest.  No longer will your emotions toss you about, like a tiny ship in a hurricane.  You will be a master sailor, on a sea of feelings, skillfully guiding your ship, using your mood ring as your compass and enjoying every minute of your journey.