Mood Ring Color Meanings and Signs

Mood Ring Color Meanings

If you have a mood ring (or thinking about getting one) you may be curious about your mood ring color meanings, signs and spiritual signals.

Although scientists consider mood rings to be nothing but nonsense, many people use mood rings to help them recognize and understand what is going on inside of themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.  Sometimes, simply having a mood ring on can remind the wearer to slow down, “step outside” of their own body and observe how they are feeling.  This allows them to control (to a degree) their own emotional state, similar to a rudimentary biofeedback device.

In a sense, changes in mood ring colors can signal real changes in a person’s biochemical makeup, and since the mind controls the body to a large degree this effect can mirror the changes in the wearer’s mental and emotional state.  Skin temperature changes are commonly used by the scientific community to monitor a person’s emotional state, with a lower skin temperature representing a more agitated and stressful state (the blood is directed to the muscles and internal organs in preparation of a “fight or flight” response).  Warmer skin temperature indicates a more relaxed state of mind.

Here I will take a few moments to explain a few of the more common meanings of these colors and how they tie into what you may be thinking, feeling or experiencing during that time.

Given that each color has a deeper, more spiritual meaning, I will also be going into the different aspects of each mood ring color meaning as it relates to spiritual auras, the individual associated chakras, and even references to The Bible and their biblical references.

Although I am referencing The Bible on this website, I am in no way suggesting that this is a religious website.  If you are a Christian, you may consider this data a bonus.  If you are non-Christian, agnostic or athiest, you may ignore the biblical references when determining the meanings behind your mood ring color.

Mood Ring Color Meanings of ChakrasAs far as the various references to the 7 chakras, this may or may not cover the range of colors on your particular mood ring.  There are only 7 chakras in the most commonly recognized Eastern medicinal culture, but there are more than 7 colors on your mood ring… especially if you consider the various shades of each color.  This information may, however, give you a more in-depth understanding of each color and how it reflects your feelings, stress levels and the condition of your body and mind.

When it comes to visual auras and the associated color meanings, this is more a matter of individual interpretation.  But, I will be giving the most commonly accepted meanings of each color and how it relates to your mood ring.  Once again, this may or may not directly relate to your mood ring, but it may give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of each color of your ring.

When attempting to interpret your mood ring color meanings, it is sometimes useful to incorporate a little dream interpretation into the mix.  Colors are often used to interpret dreams, so I make mention of this for the sake of completeness.  Very often, the interpretation of dreams using color will fall right in line to sorting out the meaning of your current mood ring’s color.

Last, but not least, I may even throw in a Wiccan Color Magick reference or two.  You never know.

It should also be noted that most colors on your mood ring may have multiple meanings… more specifically, a positive and negative meaning.  For example, red can represent both anger or a deeply passionate emotion, such as longing, obsession, and lust.

Also, be careful to note that you may often get several different colors at once.  You may interpret each of these colors as conflicting emotions… it’s not uncommon to be conflicted about a person, your place in life, or a decision that has to be made.  There are many facets to life and love, and it’s no different with mood ring color meanings.

Enjoy the site.