What does it mean if my mood ring shows two colors?

Mood Ring Two Colors


I have a mood ring that often shows two colors.  Like it will sometimes show green in the middle with a ring around the outside of the stone that shows blue.  Or, sometimes I have a green ring around the outside edge of the stone with blue in the middle of the stone.  Some people have told me it’s because I have conflicted emotions about something.  What does this mean?


Mood ring interpreters will give you different answers on this one.  Some will say that you are experiencing “conflicting” emotions, and different parts of your emotional self are fighting for dominance.  This may happen when you are multitasking on two or more very emotional projects.

Others will say that you are “moody” or have recently changed moods so quickly that one part of the ring is reflecting your true feelings, and the other part of the ring hasn’t caught up yet.  This happens often with the thicker stones, such as the rings with the stone on top.  These “stones” are typically made of tempered glass that is filled with the thermochromic crystals.  While these crystals react very quickly to fluctuations in skin temperature, a quick shift in skin temperature could cause the part of the stone closest to the skin to change color first… and the rest of the stone will follow suit, given enough time.

The third interpretation could be that your mood ring is caught in the middle of another struggle:  You skin temperature vs. the temperature of the ambient air.  This happens when the weather is significantly lower or higher than what is considered comfortable.  This situation is also more likely with mood rings consisting of larger stones on top of the ring, as the ambient air temperature has more effect over a stone that is farther away from your skin.  Therefore, this situation is less likely to occur with the mood rings that are shaped like a band.

Mood rings are more accurate when used indoors in a comfortable environment.  Also, try a mood ring band if you suspect that ambient air temperature is affecting your mood ring.