Is there a place that I can buy a mood ring that is NOT online?

Is there a place that I can buy a mood ring that is NOT online?


I do not have a credit card to purchase a mood ring on the Internet.  I asked my parents to purchase a mood ring from an Internet website, but they don’t really trust most of the online stores.  I am located in the United States.  Where can I purchase a mood ring locally?


The quick answer is Claire’s Boutique.  They have stores in most shopping malls.  If you are a female, you may have already shopped at a Claire’s Boutique already.  The next time you are in there, ask them about seeing their mood rings.  They usually have quite a selection.

Now the downside…

Claire’s mood rings usually aren’t very good quality.  If you are simply curious about mood rings and mood ring color meanings, then a mood ring from Claire’s is probably fine.  However, if you want a mood ring that is accurate, looks great, and will last a long time, get a high-quality mood ring.

How does the quality of the ring affect accuracy, you ask?

Well, for starters, the metal used in the mood ring will determine how well the ring conducts (or insulates from) heat.  If the metal is silver, copper or some other efficient conductor of heat, the heat of your finger will be transferred to the thermochromic liquid crystal more quickly and more evenly.

On the other hand, a poor quality metal ring can actually insulate the mood ring “stone” from the heat of your finger.  This does the opposite of what you want.  In a situation like this, the thermochromic liquid crystal will be more influenced by the ambient air temperature of your surroundings, and less by the heat of your finger.

If your parents are leery of online retailers, I totally understand.  However, is a very trusted retailer and they have been around a long time.  They don’t just sell books these days.  They also have a nice selection of quality mood rings.