Does room temperature affect mood ring colors?

Does room temperature affect mood ring colors?


I read somewhere recently that the color of my mood ring is affected more by the temperature of the room (or surrounding air temperature) than the temperature of my finger.  Is this true?


The short answer is, “It depends…”

It’s certainly possible that the ”stone” of your mood ring sticks up so far off your finger that it doesn’t accurately reflect the heat of your finger.  In other words, some of the heat from your finger is lost before it reaches the stone of your mood ring.

It is also possible that the metal in your mood ring doesn’t transfer the heat from your finger very accurately.  In some cases, certain lower-grade metals and materials will actually act as insulation between your finger and the “stone” in the mood ring.

The third scenario is that the ambient temperature of the air around your hands is so different that your hand temperature is actually affected.  For example, if it’s so cold that heat is actually being drawn from your hands, your hands will become colder and the mood ring will also cool off – even though this has nothing to do with your present mood.

The closer the “stone” of the mood ring is to your finger, the more accurate the mood ring is.  It all boils down to efficiency… the farther the heat from your finger has to travel, the less likely you are to get an accurate temperature reading.

An example would be a mood ring with a larger, bulkier mood “stone” placed in a setting high above the ring.  This type of ring would be farther away from your finger and therefore be more susceptable to air temperature, less influenced by the heat of your hands, and therefore less accurate in general.