Do mood rings have anything to do with Wicca or witchcraft?

Do mood rings have anything to do with Wicca or witchcraft?


Does the color of mood ring have anything to do with witches, Wicca or Wiccan Color Magick?  I recently purchased a really nice sterling silver mood ring from an online store, and I love it.  But now I’m really bummed because I have had several people in my church study group that tell me that mood rings are only for goth kids, emo kids, or people who are into Wicca.  So, I did some research and looked into it and found your website.  You have lots of references to Wiccan stuff, and it’s sort of freaking me out.


Wicca (sometimes referred to as Wiccan religion, witchcraft or just “the Craft”) has gotten a bad rap recently as powerful forces within the Christian right-wing media have sought to use it to demonize anyone who hasn’t wholeheartedly accepted Christianity as the end-all-be-all religion.

As a result, Islam, Wicca, Hinduism, Buddhism and even the Mormon church has taken various levels of verbal (and in some cased PHYSICAL) abuse – particularly from some of the more narrow-minded followers of the Christian faith, who tend to become angry when faced with the possibility that the Holy Bible might not be telling the whole truth.

Although I do not take the texts of any religion as “gospel”, I do believe that all religions have threads of truth running through them.  Students of religion will often tell you that many similarities can be pulled from various religious texts from all over the world from many points in time.

The Vedas, for example, have one of the oldest written accounts of the creation of the earth, and it’s often compared to the Biblical account of creation in Genesis.  The Qur’an (the Islamic Holy book) has over 50 references to people who also exist in the Christian Bible.

A Word or Two about Wicca…

Wicca is one of the wisest and loving of religions.  To my knowledge, Wicca has never been responsible for any holy wars, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, or abortion clinic bombings.  Wicca respects life, nature, and love of all living creatures.  They also believe very much in taking responsibility for one’s actions (see the Wiccan Rede).  Most sects of Wicca also believe in the “golden rule” or karma, and some even believe that any harm or good done to others will be returned three-fold on three different planes – body, mind and spirit (the Law of Threefold Return).

So, do not be “freaked out” by someone saying that only Wiccans wear mood rings.  First of all, it’s not true.  Secondly, it’s an implied, indirect insult by a judgmental and close-minded person.  Don’t believe the hype.  Open your mind and accept others as you yourself would like to be accepted.

Okay, I am getting off topic here.

I guess what I am really trying to say is this…

Threads of Similarity:  Meaningful or Coincidental?

When I was doing research into mood rings, mood ring colors and their associated meanings, I was often struck with the revelation that many of the colors of my various mood rings intersect perfectly with the colors found in Wiccan Color Magick.

For example, if your mood ring color is red, it means that you are experiencing a period of strength, power, strong sexuality (you may call it “arousal” if you will).  It can also be associated, under certain circumstances, with anger (to the point of physical conflict).  In Wiccan texts, you can often see parallels to this.  Wicca associates the color red with courage, passion, love and lust.

Does this mean that there is some spiritual significance to the various colors of the mood ring?  You should be the judge of that – not I!  I am merely here to point out that the color red can mean similar things even among different contexts.

Perhaps hundreds (or thousands) of years from now, after we revert back to a more spiritual existence, they will discover why the meanings of the color red correlates so well “across the board”.  Then again, maybe it’s all just coincidence.  Until then, it’s up to you to decide.