The Color Purple

Purple Mood Ring

It is somewhat rare that your mood ring will be purple.

Some mood ring interpreters may pass off the color purple as just “happiness” or “loving”, but I see those emotions falling more under the color blue than purple.

But, if you check your mood ring often enough, you will see a shift from blue to purple.  This shift occurs for two reasons:

  1. You are feeling sensual, but not in a sexual or lustful way.  It is more of a spiritual harmony with either those around you or the self.  It is a deep understanding and acceptance that can only come from the full realization that we are all children of The Divine and we are all connected on the spiritual plane.  You can love someone physically and mentally, but to love someone spiritually is the most unconditional.  This can also be the case with self-love, and is believed by many to be the most important type of love there is.
  2. You are in tune with your divine purpose in life and feeling extraordinarily connected to the spiritual world.  If your mood ring is purple, it could mean that you are particularly intuitive, empathetic and “in tune” at the moment.

Some psychics use the word “indigo” instead of the word purple, and many have written books about the intuitive power of the color of Indigo.

Purple (or indigo) is also associated with the “Brow” chakra in Indian philosophy.  It is considered the color of the Third Eye.  The Brow chakra is responsible for the true understanding of the meaning of life:  to serve all of mankind and preserve life in general.  It responsible for that inner peace that we feel during times of inner reflection.

Purple, indigo and the Brow chakra is also said to be responsible for psychic abilities:  telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, and “tapping into” the universal collective of knowledge.

Not surprisingly, in the Bible, purple indicated a deep connection to God or heaven, or displaying heavenly grace.  The Virgin Mary is often represented in art to be wearing dark blue or indigo clothing.  However, there are some biblical references to the color purple or blue representing royalty, power and corruption.  This was due to the real historical fact of blue or Indigo dye being so expensive and therefore often seen on no one aside from the extremely rich.

In Wiccan texts, purple is seen as the color of enlightenment, wisdom, spirituality.  However, many wicca experts usually distinguish between purple and indigo, considering them two colors with different meanings entirely.  For example, burning an indigo candle will cause relaxation and help keep you from being tempted and corrupted while on a righteous (yet difficult) journey.  While, burning a purple candle will help you draw upon the power of the ancient ones to guide you or give you strength.

Long story short, if your mood ring color is purple, you should feel blessed that you are in a position now that few are ever in.  You are (at least temporarily) at peace with yourself, the world, and in a place of unconditional love.

Many psychics and intuitive say that making a decision out of a place of fear will always be the wrong one.  But, making a decision out of love will always be the correct and best decision you can make.  If your mood ring is purple or indigo, be comfortable with making a decision right now.  Know that it is a decision that will be made out of love for both yourself, mankind and all living creatures of the world.

Many people ask me how they can make their mood ring purple more often?  Which basically means, how can I feel MORE “in tune” with the universe (and more intuitive) MORE OFTEN?  I will be starting a FAQ section where I answer the most common questions about mood rings, mood ring colors, and how to achieve higher levels of those more desired emotional states.