The Color Green

Green Mood Ring

Traditionally, the color green is associated with being “earthy” or grounded with nature.  But, it’s also representative of growth of both the mind, body and spirit.  The color green may also mean that you are undergoing a healing process, either by spiritual means or a healing of the body.

Many say that a mood rings “base color” or “default color” is green, and therefore should not be thought of as a sign of any sort.  I disagree.  It may the green by default, but after putting it on your finger it’s a different story.  By simply wearing your mood ring, you have already made a mental commitment to staying grounded… and to healing, if necessary.  Don’t be fooled.  The meaning of green is significant, as a mood ring can be almost any color at any time.

In the Bible, there is much reference to the color green in describing plant life… but, there is also indications that green was also associated with growth and even LIFE itself.  Generally it was used to describe something fresh and undefiled.  There are only a couple of negative references to green in the Bible, where it was used to describe rotten meat and disease (both in Leviticus).  But, this later part could again hint at a need to heal, or the process of healing.

When it comes to the chakras, green is the color of the heart chakra (or Anahata).  The Anahata, besides being directly associated with the heart and circulation, is also closely tied to the immune system.  It is influential in fighting off disease.  In Tibetan Buddhism, the Anahata is of great significance as it is the home of the drop that will eventually carry your “consciousness” out of your body and into the afterlife.

A green aura also echos what is already seen in the other areas.  If you have a green aura it means that you are one with nature, and a lover of all things alive:  people, animals, plants.  If your aura is often green, you will probably be drawn to teaching, conservation, or helping others in some way.