Mood Ring Colors

The Color Orange

If your mood ring color is orange, it means that you are excited.  Orange is a warm color, similar to red.  Orange is a color of arousal, but it’s not necessarily the same as sexual arousal.

An orange mood ring color means that you are looking for a thrill, whether it’s taking a ride on a dirt bike, strapping on a snowboard, or shooting for 9 seconds on a wild bull.  Notice I didn’t say, taking a trip to Vegas.  Orange is more of a physical excitement, and is more aligned with physical thrill-seeking.  Emotional risk-taking is less likely with orange.

Some people consider orange to be the same as the color of “gold”.  If you think about the last time you watched a truly amazing sunset, the colors of red, pink, orange, gold, yellow and a variety of other shades were all present in the sky.  All of these colors, created by the same light source, reflected at different angles to create a plethora of colors.

That’s what you will find in the warmer colors of the mood ring.  They all have a thread of similarity in them.

Wiccan color magick texts refer to the color orange as a stimulating color, very much like the color red.  However, orange is more associated with personal strength, encouragement, power and change.

As for other symbolic references, The Bible is somewhat void of references to the color orange.  Although there is no direct references to the color orange in the scripture, there are a few references to orange in Christian art.  Unfortunately, the white blossoms of the orange tree don’t quite offer much in the way of valuable information.

There is, however, a lot of information on orange auras.  An orange aura is very much aligned with the more “common” mood ring color meanings of orange.  Orange is the aura color associated with thrill-seekers in general (both physical and emotional).  An example would be rock climbers, stuntmen, and even those willing to risk it all for a huge payoff.

Those with orange auras tend to live fast and party hard.  Since they are so busy taking huge risks, they tend to appear untrustworthy.  This is not necessary the case, and is usually attributed to not having much in common with most people who crave comfort (the majority of people).  Since orange auras lead such fast-paced lives, they usually have no interest in settling down… and if they do show an interest, it usually only for a short period of time and is sought out more out of novelty than anything else.

If your mood ring is orange quite often, look within yourself and your life and ask yourself, “Do I commonly enjoy taking risks?”  If the answer is yes, you may be an orange aura.  Seek out a career that involves a bit of the extreme (scuba diving instructor, rain forest tour guide, the armed services, etc., and you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.

If your mood ring is only orange some of the time, you may only be a “weekend warrior” type, who enjoys a little bit of risk in their life but doesn’t want to build a life around it.  In this case, it may be enough to just enjoy a weekend getaway every so often to “recharge the batteries” so that you don’t feel trapped in a rut.

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