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Should I really take mood rings seriously?

Should I really take mood rings seriously?


I have a mood ring, and for a while I would constantly watch it like a hawk.  Some would use the word “obsessed”, but I prefer to think that I was very fascinated by my mood ring.  After doing some research online, I am learning that mood rings are sort of a joke.  Many sites say, “Don’t take mood rings too seriously!”  Long story short, I’m confused.  What should I do?


Despite my own fascination with mood rings (and a healthy dose of knowledge to back up my opinion that mood rings really do work), I have to also say:

“Don’t take mood rings too seriously!”

Anything taken to an extreme isn’t healthy.  This applies to many so-called “good” things, such as exercise, learning, or yes… even love.

But, if you are asking if mood rings really work, the answer is a resounding “Yes!  Yes, mood rings really work.”

Mood rings work by absorbing the body heat from your finger.

Basically, the colder your fingers the more stressed, tense, or upset you are (this is a simplification of the effect).  If your hands are warmer, it means that you are happy, healthy and relaxed (another general simplification here).

You can watch your mood ring constantly, and if it’s a good one, it will change colors throughout the day as you face the many challenges life throws at you.  Mood rings REACT.  They don’t predict the future or tell you how you are going to feel.

And, as much as I love my various mood rings, none of them tell me much more than what I already know.  If I’m stressed, I already know it.  If I’m happy, I already know it.  If I’m feeling angry, I very much know it.  Basically, what I’m trying to say is that most of the time I don’t really need a mood ring to tell me how I’m feeling.  You probably don’t either.

When first starting out with a mood ring, don’t get too wrapped up in the various spiritual meanings right from the start.  This will drive you crazy.

Use your mood ring to help “tame” your feelings, and identify and recovery from stress.

Here’s my own example…

Using Your Mood Ring to Recovery from Stress

I can get soooo wrapped up in my feelings sometimes that I forget why I am even feeling the way I do.  Before wearing my mood ring on a daily basis, I used to just get upset and “stew” about the problem until something else came along to take my mind off of whatever I was upset about.  It was a slow process.

Now, when I get upset, it’s a bit different.  My mood ring doesn’t really do much to prevent problems, nor does it stop me from becoming upset.  But, it does serve as a visual reminder of what being upset does to me.

Here’s a scenario:

  • I get upset.
  • I “stew” for a minute.
  • Inevitably, I look down at my hands and see my mood ring.
  • I notice that my mood ring has changed to black or dark red
  • I am reminded that I am upset and how it’s affecting my body
  • I remember that in order for my hands to get cold, the micro-capillaries in my fingers have to constrict to cut off blood flow in my hands.
  • Then, I remember that when micro-capillaries constrict, blood pressure goes UP!  Blood pressure spikes are not good.
  • I then make a conscious effect to breathe deeply and relax
  • I count from 50 to 1 backwards inside my head
  • By the time I’m done, my mood ring has turned back to blue or green (depends on the day)

So, as you can see, my mood ring is just a visual reminder of what my body is going through.  Sometimes I tend to think that my mood ring color has more of a spiritual significance in my life, but that is my own interpretation that I personally ponder over.

So, in a nutshell, use your mood ring as a tool.  Don’t let it use you.  If your mood ring is hurting more than it’s helping (causing more stress), take it off.

I hope this helps.

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