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The Color Blue

Blue Mood Ring

The color blue is often used to represent a relaxed, calm and open (receptive) state.  Blue is associated with both a cooler temperature and temperament.  It is usually the color you want to “aim” for, from a biofeedback perspective.

A healer’s aura is often blue.  To be a healer, you not only have to be strong to avoid the damaging effects of negative from the sick or wounded, but also have enough positive energy left over to focus and direct it as a healing energy.

Blue represents the throat chakra.  The throat serves many purposes, especially communication and speech, so blue may represent creative expression in almost any form… but, mainly speech.  The throat is also home to the thyroid gland, and since the thyroid is often associated with growth and maturity, blue could signify life-changing experiences that will help you grow up in general.

In a biblical context, blue was often used to represent wealth and affluence.  But that could be more from a historical fact of life during those times.  Most high school history text books have at least one blurb about the expense of certain dyes used in clothing made centuries ago.  Back in those days, the average person had a fairly drab wardrobe.  Only kings, queens and other royalty could afford brightly colored clothing.  Blue and purple were the most rare and expensive dyes and therefore commonly associated with wealth.

In dreams, the color blue is also very positive… often representing spirituality, art, philosophy, culture, etc.  People in blue are often healers, or people who are trying to help you heal yourself.  This is especially true if the person is wearing blue and gold.  Primarily, in dreams, blue is the color of life.

In Wiccan literature, blue is considered a color of truth, wisdom, calmness, tranquility, patience and understanding.  All positive.  But, it’s interesting to note that even the Wiccan references note blue as being a “healing” color, and also associates it with feminity.  Females are often considered healers, due to their unrivaled capacity for empathy and are often natural caregivers.  Note:  You do not have to be a female to be an amazing healer, as I have met many males that have phenomenal healing abilities, especially in the practice of Reiki.

If your mood ring color is blue, it means that your vibrational energies are at their optimum levels for health and healing.  It is a good time to help someone in need, as your efforts will do the most good during this time.  Donate some time to charity, volunteer at the soup kitchen, visit a sick loved one.  This is a perfect time to utilize your healing energy to help someone… ANYONE… who is in need of a healer.

Or, better yet, go to the nursing home and offer to visit someone in need of some company.  If you are more of a listener than a talker, it would be the perfect way to give back to the universe.  The elderly love to be around younger individuals who are ginuinely interested and receptive to what they are saying (in other words, please listen more than you talk).  Note:  It’s often better if you set this up ahead of time, as the management staff may be suspicious of a stranger coming in off the street to visit one of their residents.

If none of these are options, perhaps it’s a good time to heal yourself.  Physical healing is sometimes even less important than healing mental and emotional scars.  When your healing energy is high, you are less likely to shy away from the work necessary to do this.  Self-healing requires many tough questions, objective self-examination and honest answers.  There is no better time to embark on this path than when your mood ring color is blue.

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